News of the Online Casino World

The validity of payments in a casino is the main issue that interests all players. After all, no one wants to invest money, knowing in advance about the bad reputation of the institution. However, Casino Games Online gained the reputation of a trustworthy gambling service that is customer friendly.

A joint study of British and Chinese scientists has shown that with the help of quantum physics it is possible to build a casino in which it will be impossible to conduct fraudulent payments, and that does not need constant checks of honesty. Scientists from the UK were able to combine quantum physics and mathematical game theory, and created a mechanism that simultaneously tests the honesty of both sides.

Game processes in the online casino will change slightly, namely: the player receives a box in which there is a certain particle that should coincide with the description stated at the beginning of the game. In the absence of the necessary element in the box, the customer must be provided with a new box. If the claimed particle has another form, then the gamer receives a payment.

The boxes in the experiment were amenable to various manipulations, which included experiments with light to change the results. As a result, the winnings only decreased, which proves the inability of customers to falsify the results. And this also proves the effectiveness of a new casino casino.

Russian scientists have also advanced in the direction of using quantum physics. They combined its processes with Blockchain technology, which reduced the risks of fraud in financial transactions.

Recently, more and more people are interested in the possibility of using quantum physics in various spheres of human life. Now most financiers, politicians and businessmen are actively studying this area of science.

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